Diversity of Color and Semantic Communication in Oil Painting

  • Yanping Dai


As one of the most important means of expressing language and artistic conception in modern oil painting design, color embodies the connotation and characteristics of oil painting art, making it an indispensable element in modern oil panting design. In modern oil painting design, color is not as intuitive as words or graphic images, but color has rich semantics and strong appeal, which drives people's emotional changes. The transmission of color semantics is the communication and interaction with the audience's psychology. Therefore, the study of visual expression of color semantics is the main way for us to apply color. This paper mainly from the oil painting color performance and contrast to discuss the different emotions embodied in the works. The contrast of color is an important aspect of oil painting performance. It plays a vital role in the picture effect, emotional expression and emotional transmission of oil painting. This paper holds that in oil paintings, the color on the screen all reveals the author's feelings and inner world, and only by integrating the feelings into the works, such oil paintings are alive.