An Empirical Study of Improving the Creativity of Art Class Students by Integrating Surrealism into Visual Art Courses

  • Haipeng Li


With the evolution of the globalization art trend, the current art education emphasizes the characteristics of pluralism, eclecticism and reproducibility, and the paradigm of subject-based art education gradually transforms into post-modern art education. With the advancement of information technology, the trend of the times facing art education is not only the evolution of knowledge in specific fields; and it is an inevitable trend to strengthen the advantages of national competition in a changing era and to promote creativity with planning and comprehensiveness. In this study, an experimental study was conducted using the unequal group test design pattern. A total of 204 students from a university in Chongqing Province were selected as experimental subjects for a five-week, three-hour (45-hour) experimental teaching study. Research results: 1. Surrealism has a significant impact on creativity. 2. Visual arts education has a significant impact on creativity. 3.Surrealism combined with visual arts education has a significant impact on enhancing creativity. Based on the results, this paper makes recommendations and hopes to help art education and specialty courses to guide the potential of art class students.