An Empirical Research of Improving the Creativity of Students in Design Class by Integrating Surrealism into Visual Communication Design Course

  • Haotian Wu


With the evolution of the trend of globalization design, the current design education emphasizes the characteristics of pluralism, eclecticism and reproducibility, and the paradigm of design education based on subject gradually has transformed into post-modern design education. With the advancement of information technology, the trend of the times facing design education is not only the evolution of knowledge in specific fields. It is an inevitable trend to strengthen the advantages of national competition and promote creativity with plans and comprehensiveness in a changing era. This paper uses an unequal group test experimental design mode for experimental research. A total of 204 students from a university in Shanghai City have been selected as experimental subjects for an experimental teaching study of five-week and three hours every week (totally 45 hours). Research results: (1) Surrealism has a greatly significant impact on creativity. (2) Visual design education has a greatly significant impact on creativity. (3) Surrealism combined with Visual design education has a greatly significant impact on enhancing creativity. And promote suggestions based on the results, it’s hoped to help use design education and specialty courses to guide the potential of the students in Design class.