Application of Human Culture in Art Design

  • Yexia Sun


Art design runs through all aspects of human society. Good design gives people a comfortable and pleasant visual experience. With the development of economy and society and the improvement of people’s living standards, the public and society pay more attention to the artistic design level of each occasion. Moreover, human culture is also one of the hotspots of public concern. In order to strengthen the relationship between human culture and art design, humanistic ideas are integrated into the artistic design of various scenes, so that the scene environment can be optimized or even sublimated. The article focuses on the application of human culture in art design. Firstly, it analyzes the differences and unity between human culture and art design, and analyzes the necessity of applying human culture in art design. Then explore the application value of human culture in art design, and deeply analyze the multiple principles that need to be followed in practical applications. Finally, it puts forward the application strategy that can be put into practice, and points out the problems that human culture needs to pay attention to in the application of art design, in order to make the art design get more development direction.