Teaching Strategies of Drama and Film Performance under Pluralistic Thinking

  • Zhuoqun Chen


In recent years, with the continuous deepening of China’s cultural system reform, the development of China’s cultural industry is booming. As an important part of the cultural industry market, drama and film have also made great achievements and demonstrated further development momentum. Under this background, many drama and film colleges have been built in China, and many colleges have newly established drama and film performances, which has trained a large number of professional drama and film performance talents for China. At present, in the teaching of drama and film performance in domestic colleges and universities, the syllabus update lags behind the development of drama and film. Teachers also emphasize the regularity and experience in teaching, while ignoring the inspiration of students’ own thinking and logic. Multiple thinking is expected to solve these problems and contribute to the improvement of the teaching effect of drama and film performance. Therefore, under the diversified thinking, this thesis analyzes the teaching strategies of drama and film performance through teaching concepts, teaching methods and the cultivation of students’ own performance ability and appreciation ability, in order to teach domestic universities in theater and film performance teaching. The reforms have played a catalytic role.