A Study on the Features of Children’s Painting Creation

  • Lan Yu


Children's painting works represent children's perception of things. Children transform their perception into images that can be understood and observed by people. The analysis and understanding of the content of children's paintings by fine arts teachers is the premise of children's painting education. After analyzing children's paintings, fine arts teachers can improve their teaching plan according to children's painting ability. The quality of the painting work determines the structure of the painting and the content of the painting. The combination of content and the structure are the essential branches of paintings and a basis on which children learn painting creation. These are also the keys to improve the painting ability. This research mainly focuses on the features of children's paintings based on the digital image analysis method and professional techniques of painting. In this study, the image binarization method is used to analyze the composition of children's paintings. The children participated in this study did not receive any professional painting training. In addition, a questionnaire is also used to test the features of children's paintings associated with their age and gender.