Artistic Conception of Chinese Landscape Oil Painting

  • Lixue Liu


As an art form transplanted from the West, Chinese oil painting slowly blends the Chinese elements with the modernization process, Chinese traditional painting continues from performance to performance, the painters express their inner feelings and pursuits, this has been true for thousands of years, rather than being realistic and then performing, like traditional Western oil paintings, therefore, it will not decline like the art on the Western shelf. It can lead people back to the return of aesthetic orientation and traditional aesthetic concepts. How to deal with the art genre and art form introduced by Europe and the United States has become a problem that contemporary artists must solve. This paper analyzes the influence of different regions and various traditional cultures and folk customs on the theme, style and expression techniques of landscape oil paintings, explore and analyze more landscape oil painting languages, Provide a broader perspective and theme for our local creation, to make Chinese landscape oil paintings no longer stick to one or two forms of development, pave the way for creating more local landscapes. It has important practical significance for expanding the language of landscape painting in the future.