From Reappearance to Existence: Philosophical Interpretation of Modern Western Concept of Creative Art

  • Weiqi Pei


In order to make a systematic and in-depth analysis and interpretation of artistic activities, especially avant-garde artistic practice, the viewpoints of the critical development of the final conclusion of art and emphasizing the importance of the function of art museums are put forward. The results show that keeping the theoretical position of “historicism” on the current artistic phenomena and continuing dialogue and interpretation with these artistic practices can provide a very enlightening frame of reference for people to better understand the possibility of art existence in contemporary social conditions. From this, it can be seen that when art criticizes social reality, it should adopt the integrative criticism way to criticize the traditional aesthetic theory and the contemporary cultural industry. The reason is that the development of traditional art or aesthetics is based on the identity of “beauty”, while the modern cultural industry is a pseudo-artistic enjoyment cultivated by capitalists in pursuit of interests. It creates a group of identical creators and receivers with identical values and identical works, so as to achieve the purpose of seeking profits and domination.