The Operation of Manpower Dispatching Mechanism in Corporate Human Resource Management

  • Jian Li


There are few human resource dispatch management support theories, and human resources dispatch needs to be further improved in legislation. The study found that today's human resources dispatches currently have problems such as the treatment of dispatched workers and their identity being discriminated against, the difficulty of expressing claims, the use of legal units to circumvent legal responsibilities, the low degree of specialization of dispatch units and the existence of violations. In view of the existing problems and deficiencies, combined with the actual situation, in line with the unified management, unified standards, unified service management model, this paper proposes the establishment of professional services, social operations, market-oriented configuration, standardized management, branding effects, Specific recommendations for the human resources dispatch policy and regulatory system characterized by the dispatch method adjustment. On the one hand, the research of this paper can lay a good theoretical foundation for the further research of current human resources dispatch. On the other hand, it can provide a reference for solving the problems in the process of human resource dispatch development and the future development direction, and promote the dispatch of human resources. Healthy development has important practical guiding significance.