Research and Application Based on Interactive 3D Garment Structure Design

  • Shuang Jia


The interactive three-dimensional design level is the future development direction of garment structure design from two-dimensional plane to three-dimensional transformation, and realizes the 2D-3D mutual conversion of garments. Relying on the development of 3D graphics technology, the two-dimensional plane garment structure and the three-dimensional human body model are combined to make the structure design more scientific and accurate, especially relying on the development of color solid graphics technology and virtual reality technology. Going to the computer not only gives the clothing CAD field, but also brings great influence to the field of fashion design. In the research process, this paper firstly expounds and combs the relevant research background, research significance and research status at home and abroad, and also compares the theory of children's wear structure design, adult and children's wear standards, human data and measurement items, and human data correlation statistics. The human body characteristics of preschool children are summarized and provided theoretical support for the writing of the article. Secondly, this paper analyzes the classification of preschool children's body type, the data of the main parts, control parts and the frequency of measurement parts in the growth process of preschool children, and develops the design and practice of children's wear in the process of growth needs of preschool children. The relevant research results of this paper will provide more theoretical support for children's wear design research based on children's growth demand perspective, and provide reference for Chinese children's wear design and production enterprises to design preschool children's clothing more reasonably.