News Discourse Analysis Based on Systemic Functional Linguistics

  • Xirong Chen


At present, in the research process of news discourse, most of the research focuses on news style, sentence style, common words, etc. The research perspectives are mostly limited to communication, journalism, and radio and television art. These studies ignore important relationships and roles within news discourse. Based on the lack of internal research on news discourse, this paper uses the three major functional theory of systemic functional linguistics to conduct an in-depth research on the language of news discourse. In terms of ideational metafunction, the three news discourses are mainly material processes, then the relationship process, followed by the speech process and the existence process, and the psychological processes and behavior processes are few; in terms of interpersonal metafunction, the proportion given to the role is far greater than the proportion of the role obtained, the proportion of exchange information is much larger than the ratio of exchanged goods and services; in terms of textual function, the bit selection distribution is basically the same: the simple topic main position accounts for the largest proportion, followed by the simple multi-topic main position, the multiple main position, the sentence main position, and finally the zero main position.