Correlation Study on Knowledge Network and Knowledge Absorbing Capacity to Sustained Competitive Advantage in Health Industry

  • Yuzhou Luo


Along with social changes and the advance of medical health as well as the decrease in fertility rate and fatality rate, the population structure is rapidly aging. In regard to the trend of population aging, it is estimated that needs for talents in health industry would be increased in the future. The development of an enterprise does not simply rely on the resources and core ability, but also depends on the resource conditions and behaviors of other members in the cluster as well as the network operation. The successful integration of internal/external resources of an enterprise therefore is the basis to promote the competitiveness. Aiming at employees in health industry in Shanghai, total 400 copies of questionnaires are distributed, and 318 valid copies are retrieved, with the retrieval rate 80%. The research results show positive relationship between: (1) knowledge network and knowledge absorbing capacity, (2) knowledge absorbing capacity and sustained competitive advantage, and (3) knowledge network and sustained competitive advantage. According to the results, suggestions are proposed in this study, expecting to assist health industry in acquiring knowledge resources through knowledge network and promote the competitiveness basis of enterprises.