Combination of Image Projection and Traditional Shadow Play

  • Won-Hyung Lee


Image projection is based on digital media technology and is one of the most popular artistic forms at present. It is easy to make, spread quickly, and the form of expression is abundant and vivid. It integrates rational thinking with emotional thinking of art, and is the perfect embodiment of the combination of technology and art. Shadow play is a traditional handicraft and performing art in China, it is also one of the Chinese national intangible cultural heritages. It grows with a long history of thousands of years, accumulated a lot of cultural connotations, and occupies the position in the mainstream of culture in our country. Now in the new media era, image projection technology is growing dramatically. How to carry forward the traditional folk art like traditional Chinese Shadow art and combine it with the new media art like image projection has become a major concern. This paper expounds the concept and development history of traditional Chinese Shadow puppetry art and new media art, starting from the current situation and characteristics to analyze the difficulties and problems faced by the development of Chinese Shadow play. Then study the feasibility of shadow play in the manifestation of image projection technology, and the opportunity of combining this two together. That is to say, it is a brand-new form of expression, which is based on the combination of image projection and traditional shadow play. It brings to the audience a brand-new visual art effect and room for development, which is unprecedented with the traditional shadow puppetry art in the past. The combination of image projection and traditional shadow play. The research of shadow play combined with image projection is to realize the inheritance and protection of shadow play in a new artistic direction. It is regeneration for shadow puppetry, and it will make shadow play, the ancient traditional folk art, go further under the influence of new media art.