A Study on the Language Bias of Neologism on the Internet

  • Guoxin Miao


The current era of highly developed computer technology, the Internet has become the main way for people to communicate. While the Internet is widely used, various new Internet words have also appeared and developed. With the diversification of Internet language, this has also attracted many scholars’ interest in network language, so as to carry on the research to its related content. In the meantime, it not only gets the research conclusion, but also promotes the development of new Internet words. The neologism is the most vivid and vital part of the network language system. This paper is mainly explained from the perspective of constructive grammar, qualitative and quantitative methods are used to analyze the new Internet words in recent years. Internet neologism is not only widely spread on the Internet, and it’s very common in everyday communication. This paper makes a relatively comprehensive analysis of the structure of the collected neologisms, reveals the working mechanism and linguistic phenomenon of neologism on different levels. During the generation of new words on the Internet, the construction grammar mechanism has been used in a variety of new words, vivid display of ordinary people’s concern and concern in social life, in a simple and clear way to present the ordinary people.