Cultivation of Polyphonic Thinking in Polyphonic Music Writing

  • Chunhai Li


Based on the author’s experience and feelings in the teaching of polyphonic music writing for many years, this article discusses polyphonic thinking, polyphonic writing techniques and the application of stylistic forms peculiar to polyphonic music, which must be gradually cultivated and mastered in learning polyphonic music writing on macroscopic and microscopic teaching contents.” Polyphonic thinking” is a professional term often mentioned in the teaching of composition and technical theory of composition. It is the ability to write and perform in multiple voices. For students majoring in music, it is crucial to establish polyphonic thinking as early as possible, which is also a first necessary step for learning polyphonic music writing, to cultivate students’ ability to master counterpoint technology and use polyphonic writing skills to create music. The training and cultivation of polyphonic thinking should complete through three processes: training of cognitive ability, perceptual ability and writing ability. The establishment and cultivation of polyphonic thinking is to enable students of music major to construct and perform music with multi- voice thinking. Become more skilled in polyphonic music counterpoint writing skills so as to create and analyze music works with more comprehensive and systematic use of polyphonic music writing ability.