English Teaching in Film Art under the Context of New Media

  • Xinzhuo Jiang


The advent of the new media era has brought certain opportunities and challenges to college English education and teaching. Under the background of the new media era, the current college English teaching has been difficult to meet the practical needs of personnel training. It is imperative to reform and innovate college English teaching. By setting up the teaching platform of information technology specialty, introducing situational teaching method and new digital means to assess with the special advantages of new media, students' English learning experience can be improved and ideal learning effect can be achieved. The original English original film combines many favorable factors, such as pronunciation, grammar, language environment, etc. By using interesting story plots and Standard English, we can feel the strong English environment of this country through English movies. We can learn grammar and pronunciation from the original English movies, and feel it in English environment. The charm of English. Therefore, the use of English original movies for teaching is of great help and promotion to students, and can improve students' English level in an all-round way. This teaching method is bound to be extended to all colleges and universities, new teaching methods to improve students' enthusiasm, strengthen the learning and mastery of language and cultural background. This paper explores the feasibility of the combination of film and English teaching. In classroom teaching, it finds that it not only changes the traditional teaching content and restricts the students' personality, but also provides rich training materials for creative thinking and critical thinking as well as various writing contents from a new perspective, which can help learners to write well. The improvement of interest and the widening of thinking space provide useful help.