Cultural Features of Artistic Heritage Images in the Age of Big Data

  • Dongxia Liu


In order to effectively apply modern technology and ideas to the research of ancient and mysterious artistic heritage and revitalize the vitality of the heritage. Under the era of big data, the protection of artistic heritage image culture is based on respecting its original ecology. Based on modern digital technology, with the comprehensive and in-depth analysis capabilities of big data, it provides a new idea for the protection of art heritage. The research results showed that the application of computer-aided scientific protection of artistic heritage in the classification of art heritage image fragments can effectively reduce the search space of automatic mosaic algorithm, improve the accuracy and efficiency of image mosaic, and reduce the heavy workload caused by manual classification. It can be seen that through the utilization of different similarity measurement techniques and mosaic algorithms in comparing art heritage images and the combination of multi-features and classification learning methods, the accuracy of image mosaic can be improved and the accurate retrieval results can be obtained.