Network Music Culture and Communication Characteristics in the New Media Age

  • Shengnan Liu


With the emergence of new media, great changes have taken place in the way, content and characteristics of music transmission. With the new media as the carrier, network music achieves the perfect combination of vision and hearing, which makes the communication forms of music culture more diversified, the expression of music culture more unique, and the cultural connotation more prominent. Music culture embodies the characteristics of virtuality and publicity, timeliness and popularity, interaction and comprehensiveness, and artistic aesthetic reconstruction. It improves the public’s attention to network music communication under the new media conditions, and promotes the development of network music culture. The new media represented by digital technology not only changed the way of music production and dissemination, but also changed the whole music production and art consumption. This paper analyses the existing mode and communication characteristics of network music, expounds the relationship between new media and music communication, aiming at arousing the public’s attention to the combination of new media and art, and promoting the development of new media art.